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Due Diligence

Property acquisition requires due diligence at a number of levels, legal, numerical, valuation support and finance.

Legal due diligence will depend upon the property being purchased and the nature of the entity doing the buying. It can be a simple matter able to be handled by a suburban conveyancer, or it may require time constrained, detailed and comprehensive review of sale contracts, multiple leases, options and easements.

The Property Council of Australia has a handy guide to property due diligence.

Purchases by funds or trusts may involve mandate analysis or have unique requirements imposed by the fund deeds.

Data rooms and deal rooms permit the most efficient access to a defined set of documents, and provide for systematic review of those documents.

Having worked as both an asset manager and fund manager for large unlisted property trusts in both acquisitions, development and disposals, Greg Finlayson brings deal and legal due diligence expertise to the table. +61 3 9016 4313.