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Defamation - Concerns Notice


If you believe you have been defamed sufficiently to consider legal action to address the issue, the first appropriate step in the legal process is the issue of what is called a "concerns notice".

A "concerns notice" has a special place in defamation law as it will provide limits on the opportunity for a publisher to make amends before the costs of their conduct really start to be a major consideration.

You need to consider the following: What has been published? Who do you believe has published it? What imputations do you think are wrongly made?

if you know those things, then Diaspora Legal can charge a fixed fee for a half hour conference with you in person or by Skype and the settling and serving of a concerns notice from Diaspora Legal.

The first step is a conference with a Diaspora Legal solicitor to obtain advice, and have a concerns notice drafted, settled and served.